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let’s go on an adventure pile into the car maybe get a donut first shoes on, come on let’s run across bridges jump from stone to stone there’s so many places that we’ve never been before run around the bases let’s fill our boots up let’s have a picnic and freak out every time we see a bug let’s double-bounce let’s slide down backwards let’s underduck x marks the spot for pirate treasure let’s cannonball i’m so glad my life contains your lives blinking in a recursive sunrise, seeing the day through new eyes and all these dead pop songs pining for the night they’re trying to stay kids forever, i know but it’s so much better growing up together now let’s make up a story the toys can act it out gotta do the voices though it’s more fun, come on then let’s build a tower so tall we can’t reach the top song’s stuck in my head, i may as well just sing along roll downhill we’ll all get brainfreeze dance crazily a cardboard box becomes a robot, a submarine chase the seagulls find the best rocks in the whole beach the sun has sunglasses new hi-score don’t copy me
first take liquid pure-eyed open spirits seal in glass with air and syrup stack in flats and pressurize, oh then shake until their guts are roiled and fizzing bursting out apocalyptic like they’re running out of time (oh they told me) you’re the only uplit snowflake for bold things take the loan, unlock the vault to your gold dreams (so they pulled me in) like a hungry catfish suckered by coin on a string now seize up, jello bones when the phone rings (no one told me) how deep long elapsing old feels the toll teeth clawing carrion my back like a soul weed (now they tell me) emptor caveat, should have known gullible teens gobble one free lunch then pay out until they’re cold meat i signed the dots so i could follow their schematics and build wings once they release me from their open-concept prison i’ll fly free i sprayed, i drained my heart for art in music turning youth to debt to prove it until one night i stood outside after moving day and beheld the home my dayjob purchased while my bleeding art sat worthless scales scattered from my eyes (oh they told me) you’re an astronaut orgone pinnacle peak build a song and launch your soul so the globe sings (so they pulled me in) like a lonely captain drawn to the song of the deep washing out, palindrome to the old me (no one told me) how deep slow erosion cuts in the crow’s feet giving up tumult for the compass of small things (now they tell me) penny for your life tail is long, chase some more streams it will wag as long as you feed it some more dreams some mistakes chase your shadow until you die just don’t make them the next time you’re alive
spend all my time breaking into empty vaults toil for my food, but it expires before i’m home waiting for the turn in my chosen template plot the distance churns oh but the rains, they never come since we were born we’ve been promised glass and chrome beige frozen smiles, a biopic for everyone but mercy me, the future’s not what it once was when we arrived it was stripmined and hollowed out (no no way to escape it) felt the heat rising in my veins couldn’t move like a deer in headlights allayed by laundered lies but they remained untrue brought a nap to a gunfight swallowed smoke coughing through amniotic jokes how can you show a man what he’s paid not to know? the market spoke: it locked the doors while crying hoax in a crowded fire as we ignited one by one now i’m on fire, i’m engulfed the blaze cannot be stopped believe deniers all you want the flames will find you out
down the cave’s esophagus rappelling i had to know its depths it compelled me, softly to descend and when i’d learned return home safe then the rope snapped. i fell back through rushing black silences with a terrible weightlessness afraid, a frayed dream pressed awake now i’m splayed out on the floor in a pool of blood the stars twist like a blade through the mouth above a tourist of the void finally swallowed up now there’s no going back. who could be content with so much? our hungerlust inert on floating malls mainlining mirage, so lost and once on screen they’d screamed and burned return home safe then the power went out. tearing our throats chanting motivational quotes oh to live on a float and be a giffable moment hearts hollow as a money store, frozen on phones dis_content, strong eyelid mouth full of tempquit rinsing the blood from new clothes the song is the video. the word is material. the door is just painted on. self life, dark matter massing around our teardrop-shaped history and missing forest and trees staying woke in a daydream now our bones bake in our homes beneath a sawblade sun the dust wrapped like a knot around our quenchless maw we consumed to fill the void but then we couldn’t stop now there’s no going back.
i thought i saw you but you weren’t there some misread echo whispers from the dead a laugh on the wind a shape in a glance a few distant chords and it floods back again when you tore me in half in pieces on the floor hemorrhaging blood crawled out alive wounds become scars and days go by but how could i know that pinhole in time would let all these ghosts inside negative space, sweeping the tide how could you let all these ghosts inside? empires collapse leaving ruins behind how could you let all these ghosts inside? i had a dream i stood in the sea green and sunset yellow while you’re on the beach, hair in the breeze the way i remember i call across the waves but you turn away to mounting thunder and the more that i scream, the deeper i sink until i’m pulled under drowned in the flood woke up alive the images fade but the feeling abides oh how could i know that pinhole in time would let all these ghosts inside your finite words, your elsewhere eyes how could you let all these ghosts inside? these memories are meteorites how could you let all these ghosts inside?
(it's raining into the ocean) it’s an open question - can you ever be something new or were the seeds buried beforehand waiting deep inside of you? if both shoes fit, then wear them but they’ll still press you to choose the science of the islands, the god of endless blue i was playing counting crows long before someone broke my heart but was not ready, no i was not ready, no spend childhood waiting to grow up to find you only are young once then you’re forever old now you’re forever old call out, white night a movement sitting still more adult nursery rhymes another ant fire drill your body was your ally until you were betrayed the immeasurable distance the eyes behind the face farewell to my rearview youth a stairwell to an empty roof i can’t tell when the goalposts moved you have to be the last one who escapes unharmed and whole not the nameless knifed abruptly before the opening credits roll it clarifies with distance but they’ll press you to stay close drift deeper into madness, drift silent on a floe some supernova for a moment then recount it all life long they cannot move on they cannot move on i can’t read my older writing without biting through my tongue who is all this for who is all this for (freedom shakes) double square brackets and lumpen sunkenship cut placid face with no growl a long knife in the sternum superstar unison duet on pyrite coast driving by a carwreck looking for blood no courage and mixed doubles ground-penetrating radar, above-ground pool the emptiness of a satirist surpassed by the truth’s darkness art is useless. the feeling will dampen with time like a shadow on a wave the flowing infinite dark beckons all pens filled with invisible ink rock bottom prices cat eyes shining in the shoulder shadows sliding across the dashboard down broadway on pilloried feet and no sleep and layout-invalidated heart waiting for the dead audience to awww, gut full of shot fish. brown dots raining from the back of my eyes each letter means time stretch for the next vine black lock. razorblade eye. with time you may grow to love what you once despised brimful on the 45 arguing with a single lemming the hot dead sun is at its apex (freedom shakes)


released October 27, 2020

Tracks 1, 3, and 5 produced by DJ Pain 1
Tracks 2, 4, and 6 produced by Man Mantis
Words, vocals, additional production by Search Engine Optimization
Engineered by MJC @ FBR Mastering


all rights reserved



Search Engine Optimization Ontario

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